One Command Center.
A trillion possibilities for precision.

Our gut houses 70-80% of our immune cells, 500 million neurons and trillions of bacteria. This rich and diverse community of cells, otherwise known as the enteric signaling network, acts as a command center by transmitting information throughout the body that can affect our propensity for disease. Kintai has unique capabilities to unlock the power of the enteric signaling network and its role in health and disease.

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Novel Integrated Approach to Drug Discovery

With over 44,000 genes and hundreds of metabolites newly discovered by Kintai scientists, Kintai has successfully employed a multidisciplinary scientific approach – which integrates human biology, immunology, microbiology, chemistry and artificial intelligence – to drug discovery.

Rapid and robust target identification to support precision-based medicines:



Newly discovered genes



protein families localized across the GI tract, including over 6000 enzymes



Previously uncharacterized compounds

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Robust and Diverse Pipeline

Through a multidisciplinary approach which integrates the microbiome, gut immune system, and enteric nervous system and their roles in human health, Kintai has fueled a new class of medicines: Precision Enteric Medicine™ (PEM™) compounds. We are using a multifaceted chemically stable small molecule-based approach to treat a broad range of diseases in a more effective, optimized way. Our integrated discovery approach is versatile and not restricted to certain therapeutic areas, but rather, led by the science.


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People Power

The company is deploying creative and bright minds from academia and industry to apply cutting edge experimental medicine approaches to expedite development and increase probability of success in bringing revolutionary medicines to patients. 

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