We leverage the body’s robust signaling networks to pioneer PEM™ compounds, a new class of precision-based orally available small molecule therapeutics to restore health and fight disease.

About Us

Kintai, a Flagship Pioneering company, is advancing precision therapeutics based on enteric signaling networks in the human body. 

Our core strength lies in the hearts and minds of our talented employees who keep patients always at the center. We credit the accelerated pace of our scientific advancements to:

  • extremely creative and dedicated multidisciplinary team
  • innovative approach to develop small molecule medicines
  • deep knowledge of the interconnected biology of the gut immune system, the microbiome, and the enteric nervous system.

The field is full of possibilities and we’re excited to harness them.

Our Leadership

Paul Peter Tak photo

President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Ferdinand Massari photo

President of Research and Development

Mark Nuttall photo

Chief Business Officer

Kristen Bridge photo

Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy and Communications

Robert Holman photo

Vice President of Finance

Lisa Fiering photo

Vice President and Head of Human Resources

Marina Volin photo

Vice President and Head of Legal and Intellectual Property

Steven Taylor photo

Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation

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Vice President of Biology

Jae Lee photo

Vice President of Preclinical Development

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Head of Experimental Medicine

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Scientific Advisory Board