We leverage the body’s robust signaling networks to pioneer PEM™ compounds, a new class of precision-based orally available small molecule therapeutics to restore health and fight disease.

About Us

Kintai Therapeutics is uniquely focused on unlocking the power of the enteric signaling network and its signals throughout the body to fight disease and restore health.

The company’s unprecedented knowledge of the interconnectivity of gut microbiota, immune cells, and neurons and their role in extended wellness and pathology has led to the advancement of a new class of medicines, Precision Enteric Medicine™ (PEM™) compounds.

Through a multidisciplinary scientific approach integrating deep expertise in human biology, experimental medicine, bioinformatics and machine learning, Kintai has created a discovery and therapeutic development approach to rapidly identify and deliver new medicines. Kintai is leveraging this unique approach and its technology platform to advance a rich pipeline of programs across multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, metabolic diseases and immunology. The company also pursues partnerships with premier academic institutions, industry and individual key opinion leaders to coalesce experts across the biomedical ecosystem to advance breakthrough medicines.

The company’s core strength lies in the hearts and minds of our talented employees who keep patients always at the center. Kintai was founded in 2016 by Flagship Labs, the innovation foundry of Flagship Pioneering.

Our Leadership

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President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

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Chief Business Officer

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Vice President of Human Resources

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Vice President of Legal and Intellectual Property

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Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation

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Vice President of Biology

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Vice President of Experimental Medicine

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