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Precision Enteric Medicines™ (PEM™) Discovery Platform

Our PEM™ discovery platform is being deployed to discover druggable targets implicated in disease pathology and to identify the precise biogeographic interface of their activity.

Our platform relies on our proprietary and unprecedented “mapping” of the entire enteric system from which we have obtained multi-omics data that elucidate the richness of diversity in bacterial species, genes and metabolites within the human body. Using machine learning algorithms and next generation sequencing techniques, we are able to decode the outputs of these cells and determine their relationship to health and disease. This enables both therapeutic target discovery, as well as knowledge of the precise location of disease-related activity. We have made substantial discoveries through our enteric mapping capabilities, resulting in a portfolio of more than 10 therapeutic programs.



Newly discovered genes



GI tract localization of >19,000 protein families



Previously uncharacterized compounds

PEM™ Platform


Therapeutic programs

Enteric Biology and Analytics

We are uniquely focused on unlocking the power of the enteric signaling network, which represents a command center in the body.

Kintai is interpreting and leveraging the interconnectivity of microbiota, immune cells, and neurons, as well as uncovering where this communication is taking place so that it can be expertly and precisely harnessed for the development of therapeutics. Kintai has made substantial discoveries through its mapping capabilities, including the identification of over 44,000 new genes and hundreds of new metabolites that had not been previously characterized.

The enteric nervous system, otherwise known as the nervous system of the gastrointestinal tract, has 5 times as many nerve cells as the human spinal cord, and 80% of our immune cells spend time in our gut. This rich and diverse community of cells and the communication that happens between them have been shown to affect neurologic, immunologic, metabolic and oncologic diseases.

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Precision Enteric Medicine™ (PEM™) Discovery Platform

Through its prolific PEM™ discovery platform and an experimental medicine-based development strategy,

Kintai is well positioned for major medical advancement with a rich source of specialized drug candidates. Our PEM™ product candidates are small molecules that have an impact on human health and that are engineered to be activated at the precise location of maximal benefit.